Liv Eatt Hew Ind Mill cdr + 3"cdr - SOLD OUT (Stream only​.​)

by Slushy Guts



Liv Eat Hew Ind Mill - recorded LIVE AT THE WINDMILL in Brixton on a rubbish tape recorder, May 2010. One long track, 7 songs, some of which are on other releases, some of which are unreleased -

1) Bewaring Bad Guys 2) The Log Ladys Log/The Dry Humour of the Deadly Serious 3) Freakish Others 4) Partly, Never Really 5) In The Night 6) Subtle Gas 7) Phantom Tooth.

3" cdr - 3 songs recorded on same tape recorder in a room in Wimbledon, SW London, around the same time. Features Colette from Woolf on raps.

Everything written played and recorded by S A Keane, except I'm too old (to fall in love) written by R Stevie Moore.

Original released as seperate cdrs but sold together. Edition of 60 and 50 respectively. Long sold out. Artwork on both by Chaos vs Comsos.


released June 23, 2010



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